This website is for Tiwa Babies, a home visiting program on the Taos Pueblo Reservation in Northern New Mexico. Tina Babies is a free program for pregnant women families and children ages birth till five do you want babies offer services to all families grandparents or primary caregivers foster and adoptive. It is a nonprofit organization.

non-profit websiteOnline Events Calendar

The website has some advanced features. The main one is as events calendar. I used the Events Calendar Pro plug-in by Modern Tribe probably the most robust and popular WordPress plugin of its kind. The plugin utilizes a back end administration area that is fairly easy to use. Another feature this website is the newsletter. Already created and printed as a paper newsletter, I converted these to PDF’s and then added to the website.

This was a really fun website to work on because I got to do some really nice graphics and icons for the organizations different service areas. Which ease-in as the visitor scrolls down the page. At the very bottom of the home page are the two latest blog posts which are taken directly from the monthly newsletters.

The video created for the homepage was uploaded to YouTube. which is nothing more than a iMovie slideshow with a little bit a text at the beginning in the end but the music is a nice feeling for the organization.
online events calendar

Homepage Real Estate

Because the client wanted to include many items on the homepage such as Facebook post, testimonials, mission statement, list of partners that they work with. The homepage ran the risk of looking too cluttered. I solved the problem by including a taped area to hold four items in one section. I set the testimonial to display by default because I believe that was most important of the four.

This happens a lot. The client is being pressured to include every department in the organization  on the homepage. And to make their department stand out almost the cacophony. This can be very confusing to the visitors that see to the homepage and have trouble figuring out what the organization is about. The primary purpose of the organization gets convoluted by all the other departments  competing for real estate. And when they all want to be “above the fold” on the homepage this creates a big problem. As described in detail in a great little book on the website design titled “Don’t make me think” by Steve Krug. This is a must read book. And in fact I assign it as a textbook in in the courses that I teach at the university level. Courses on web development, design, and planning.

Add a FAQ Page to Your Website

Another wonderful page on this website is the FAQs. I recommend FAQs pages or sections quite often to my clients. Most people know what the acronym stands for (frequently asked questions) and frequently use them to get quick answer to the question they had in mind when visiting the website, shortly after understanding what the website is about. Add one to your website and if done well will become one of the most popular pages on your site. I usually do them as “Accordions” to hide the answers. I usually try not to hide any information on the page in which the visitor has to click on something to reveal more”. But in the case of FAQs I find it easier to navigate if presented with all the answers first to quickly scan through.