discreetman.com is a online stove or e-commerce website focused on men’s clothing and assessors. It is an advanced shopping cart system using the woo commerce plugin on top of the WordPress platform. Which leverages the Ali Baba Express affiliate program API (application program interface).

Affiliate Eccomerce Website

fashion websiteIf you don’t know what Alibaba Express is then I will try to explain. Alibaba Express is a kind of Chinese equivalent of the Amazon.com marketplace except it offers products at a wholesale discount. If you’re familiar with the Amazons FBA program it is similar to  point. That is there is no need to stock and ship tp amazon. Alibaba is more like drop shipping. In fact Amazom.com also offers a similar  affiliate program expect the percentage and profits are not as great. And mens’ clothing is very competitive arena to try to rank for in the Googles’ search engine results pages (SERP). So in this case the website may need to generate traffic via pay-per-click advertising or more traditional marketing. Some examples of pay-per-click opportunities include Googles’ AdWords and Facebook ads.

Hands Free Website

The website is automated so that it can retrieve items based on categories and or keywords and automatically populates the website with products. The clients cans update the product line at certain pre-determined intervals and rules. Ya that means the owners of this website can just sit back and watch for sales. All updates to the website are automatic. And they fulfillment of the sales, customer support, and returns are handled by the manufacturer. Drop Shipping, You gotta love it!

The Best Website Shopping Cart System

This full featured shopping cart system includes real-time credit card processing, shipping rate calculator based on zip codes and carrier. In addition every commerce website requires a customer service page and privacy statement. Both included with this website package. The website also features thumbnails on the homepage of the latest items as well as popular, trending products in the fashion world. Other categories include mens accessories such as hats and belts. In addition there is a sections in the center of the homepage offering a variety of sunglasses which can be highly profitable product because of the light weight shipping cost and the high margins. The product details page includes not just in-depth information about the product but also customer reviews and other important information to build trust and confidence for the potential purchase. In this particular case using an affiliate program for the credit card processing, taxation and shipping costs (in this case manufactures only offering free international shipping} is a huge cost and time saver. Leaving the owner of the website free of any concerns for stocking, shipping, customers support and returns. Once the sail is made the client receives an automatic bank deposit for a percentage of the sale. Pretty much a hands-free passive income website. If you don’t include the marketing that it’s going to take to drive targeted traffic to the website. This can be achieved via pay per click advertising services such as Google AdWords Facebook ads also (being that this is a fashion industry website) Pinterest and snapchat would also be very lucrative places to advertise the clients products for free.

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