This was a fun website to work on. I built this site for Albuquerque one and only Beatles Tribute Band, named “Twist and Shout”. Part of the goal of this website is to entertain so I get to use some fun graphics to create the mood. But the challenge is, how to build a website that is entertaining and easy to use.


How to make a a website that is easy to use.

One of the great balancing acts to perform as a graphic designer is to not let your graphics get in the way of the message or goal of the project. And in web design, especially mobile web design to not let the graphics get in the way of the user interface or the navigation of the website.

With most sites that I built I use a “call to action”. In this case the CTA is large, dominant and above the fold, meaning the visitor does not have to scroll down to see it. The CTA text “book a gig” and “contact us ” in the form of the phone number and contact form are isolated from the other elements on the page within  large, solid rectangles that command notice.

Video Snacking.

I also use a video on the homepage. People love video snacking on the web, this is what made YouTube such a success.  In this case the featured gives the potential client a preview of the band. It is very familiar beatles song, It builds excitement in the viewer, that will encourage them to contact and book this band.

Music Web Design

When building the main website I made the decision to go with a template that I liked, but that was not responsive. The solution was to use a WordPress plug-in that converts the main website into a mobile version of the website on-the-fly. When viewing the website on a smart phone one that is an Android Galaxy size or less the website the viewer is imperceptibly, redirected to a mobile version of the website which I can then “slim down” to just the necessary elements of the main website. This also make the website google compliment so that it is looked upon more favorably in the search engines results page (SERP).

A Musicians Band Web Site

The site contains a nice little slideshow of pictures of the band performing along with the video page featuring more music videos by the band. In the future the Facebook feed will be included in the sidebar of every page. So that updates to the bands Facebook page will automatically be seen on their website. A great way to add upcoming events and news. Social media being a very good marketing tool for bands such as this one. Because videos can also be shared on Facebook too. In addition I will be creating profiles for the band on Reverb Nation, GigSalad and other music/band directories. Backlinks from these major website with high rankings in google will provide plenty of link juice too.