This website was developed for an “Analog” store in Austin Texas. This is quite a special place if you every in the area and interested in old veil recorded and all the equipment you can imagine to play such things then it is a must visit. Not only is it a pseudo museum store full of refurbished stereo equipment The Sound Gallery in Austin also carries analog telephones and old non electric typewriters. All refurbished with exquisite care. I myself have a Sony turntable and Sherwood receiver purchased from Marc and listen to a piece of vinyl everyday while I’m creating a website or maintaining websites.

Basic WordPress Installation

The website itself is a pretty basic WordPress installation with intensions of adding items for sale some day. Sometimes this is all that is asked of a web design company and I certainly don’t mind accepting these types of projects. But I always build a website that has the capabilities to easily expand the functionality into areas that the client never envisioned at the start of the project. Things like shopping carts, mailing list sign-up moms, and events calendars can be added in less time if the website is built right in the first place. It may cost a little more in the initially to build the website but down the road when expanding on your website the client will be saving much more money.

Best Website Design Platform

This is achieved by developing a website using the WordPress platform. The possibilities of the functionalities can be added or transformed is almost endless. And with my expertise in CSS, Javascript and PHP my clients are not stuck with “out of the box” WordPress themes. I have the capabilities to make just about any alterations a client may ask for. In addition to researching and recommending the ideal plugins, themes, and widgets to make the clients wishes come true.

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Web Centric Inc. Albuquerque, NM

Also I am not a large web agency so when you call or email Web Centric  Web Design you will always be talking to me personally, Alex. But that does not mean I build your website and disappear. No I like to build long lasting relationships with clients making sure that their websites deliver profits for the life of the business. One way to achieve this is by building a mailing list and sending out information an a monthly basis at least. Adding a newsletter sign up format your website is one of the best ways to build a following of loyal customers. Or at the very least keeping in touch with potential clients or customers who may not be ready to purchase at the time they first visit your website for whatever reason. Sending them brief monthly emails on new inventory, special sales items, or just some simple tips will send them back to your website again. And you can keep track on the opened emails and increased web traffic with tools like Mailchimp and Google Analytics. Or simply use coupon codes to drive traffic into your location and see the increase in customers and sales. I can take care of all this for you by signing up for one of my Website Maintenance Packages, they pay for themselves and more, month after month.