Stock Photo website featuring a secure shopping cart system with real time credit card processing. Mail chimp integration utilizing free image of the month. The images are delivered via digital download. All my websites utilize responsive design. Finger friendly pages that look great at any screen size.

How to Make a Digital Downloads Website

So this was and continues to be a fun project for me. it’s a stock photo website that offers one dollar Hi-Rez images for color and and can be used for commercial projects after purchase. That is to say that the person buying the image has full copyright so long as they do not resell the image as a digital file.

The images are terrific and the pricing structure very enticing. The shopping cart system is very user friendly. The website uses a theme and shopping cart system by Graph Paper Press. This particular theme company focuses on photo blogs and artist website themes for WordPress. The do offer other business and blogging themes but they really shine when it comes to portfolio websites. And they offer a shopping cart plugin that takes care of the digital download process.

The header image up on top of the homepage switches out randomly so you get some fresh  images every time someone come to the site. Below the header are the newest snapshots that have been uploaded to the website. Which also get  updated on a regular basis. And there are some prominent sharing buttons for sharing the images and corresponding link to the website. Photo blogs and stock photo websites with shopping cart e-commerce features offer a bit of a challenge in that in trying to keep them clean with a distinct navigation system that make it easy for the user to get around. This is because the amount of thumbnails on a  page can get visually busy. The designer should visually “corral” the different areas of the page usually accomplished by placing the elements in boxes with distinct background colors.

mobile friendly web design

Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

And of course in this case, like every website I build it was a requirement to have the site with all its complexity function just as easily on a mobile device as it does on a desktop computer. As you can see from the photo above it looks great on any screens size. And works as well as it looks too. This is accomplished by coding breakpoints in to the CSS file, which is what governs the layout and other visual styling on a website. What happens is that at certain pixel widths, say 480 px  wide for smallish smartphones held vertically. Instructions are included to change the layout, menu, and even hide elements that may not be necessary to the person viewing the website on a smartphone. This can really clean up the site and users like that.

This website is a work in progress, but when it’s finished should be a lot of fun to maintain and provide a little income for the owner.