Ecommerce Website Design

The shopping website for this artists features a secure Woocommerce shopping cart system with real time credit card processing via Paypal. Mail chimp sign-up form in integration into a subtle bar across the bottom of the page providing a way for visitors to subscribe to email updates. The images digital collage and original canvases include hand embellished mixed-media. All my websites including utilize responsive designed pages that look great at any screen size. This site is particularly striking because the artists images are displayed in a full screen slide show. Which in turn is optimized to load fast and work at any screen size.
Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 4.20.50 PM


Fulfillment by

online storeThis website leverages the Printful for printing and shipping products. Prihtful has a high quality die-sublimation process for adding artwork to many products such as t-shirts, coffee cups, and tot bags. The also provide a Plugin for WordPress to stream line shipping variation in Woocomerce. Mixed into the shopping area are posters that are hand signed and shipped by the artist.

Responsive Full Screen Slideshow

The website also features a full screen slideshow which is responsive and looks great on smart phones as well as desktops and any screen size in-between. An immediate call to action and contact information gives the site a clean business card style. Not until one scrolls down do you see the artists statement which has a greater purpose of adding more content marketing for search engines to better index the website.

Adding Videos to Your Website

This “crossover” marketing is also utilized by adding a page featuring Youtube and Vimeo videos. So if someone was to stumble upon the videos video snaking on Youtube or Vimeo they would find a link to where they could learn more about the artist and hopefully purchase items from the woocomerce online shopping system which was installed and configured by

Importing Blogger data into Your WordPress Website

An interesting detail when building a website was the need to import posts from Googles Blogging platform “Blogger”. This can be a tricky procedure if you want to keep your SEO juice built up in your old blag and pass it onto your new web address. There is some coding that needs to be done in you blogger template to redirect and let google know that the blog has moved. This was done for this site along with migrating all the blog images over to the WordPress media library.

Email Marketing Website

I decided not to include a popup email sign up form since the artist is semi-retired and not many blog posts will be added in the future. Which also explains the lack of social media buttons. But there is instead a less intrusive bar across the bottom of every page which the visitor may hide if they wish to do so. The news letter will provide news about new products added to the store and any upcoming art shows and appearances by the artists.


All in all a simple yet beautiful and effective responsive website design. That looks great on any screen size and also makes it easy to order products using a smart phone with its “finger friendly” shopping cart system. All purchases are processed using Paypal as the credit card processor. Mainly because Paypal is trusted by many online shoppers and will support the buyer if they are unsatisfied.